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  • Identification and Real-Time Analytic System

    Smart replenishment systems are using new wireless technologies to automate in an efficient way the stockrooms replenishment processes.

    Keeping things organized is essential to work smarter. Know what you have and where it is.

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  • Internet of Things starts with RFID

    RFID sensors are here already.

    Until now, RFID technology has been used for identification, but now they move a step forward to sensorization, entering the IoT world.

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  • RFID made simple

    Our solutions are ready-to-use.


    No complicated set-up or configuration needed, so you can focus on your core business

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Smart Asset Tracking

Locating and monitoring assets is now simple. Control what is coming in and going out, by avoiding loosing and misplacing them.

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Stock Control & Replenishment

Smart replenishment process with 2-Bin Kanban method is the most efficient way to avoid over-stock and out-of-stock situations.

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Real-Time Analytics

If it can be measured, then it can be improved. Our solutions provides real-time analytics, so you know what is going on every moment.

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Access from any device

Easy to Use. Pre-configured and integrated solution: readers, tags and web application. Integration of the latest technology, transparent to the user. Modular packages are the best way to make a tailored solution.

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"Internet of Things starts with RFID, by integrating identification and wireless sensorization in the cloud" - CEO of Stockare RFID Solutions

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Our RFID Solutions


Tracking assets, enhanching patient and visit experience and an efficient stockroom management are the objectives achieved through a Stockare integrated and simple to use solution.

Stocks Control

Improve replenishment processes. Replenish what needed when needed avoiding out of stock situations

Asset Real Time Monitoring

Identifying and tracking assets and valuable resources is crucial to achieve an intelligent resources management system.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Track and identify patients or visits transparently

Trigger Alarms/Warnings

Receive notifications or alerts instantly when certain events are triggered.

Industry 4.0

Internet of Things (IoT) is here already. If it is measurable, then it can be improved. Sensoring is everywhere. Stockare integrated solutions is a smart way to sense, send and analyze data.


Sensor enabled RFID tags can measure environment variables, such as temperature and humidity.
Data is sent to the cloud to ensure the best conditions during the supply-chain process.

Smart Tool Cabinet

Keep track of tools, instantly knowing if they are in or out of the cabinet. Dispense and relate tools with the appropriate technicians

Warehouse Management

Automate warehouse entries and exits of packages identified

Manufacturing Process

Continued tracking and timelined description of each manufactured product every step.

Registration and Access

Register every person access into any facility. Access control system and real time monitoring

Fashion & Retail

Identification and authentication of clothes, add traceability, control sales, enhance customer experince, prevent mislocation and avoid imitation copies. Keep everything identified, located and organized.

Stockage Control & Accurate Inventory

Control your stock and inventory the entire store in a flash.

Anti Theft System

Avoid thefts while maintaining customers comfort with a transparent system.
Set alarms or silent alarms for all products.

Fitting Room In-Out clothings

Achieve a higher security level inside fitting rooms without disturbing

Sales Counting

Count your sales instantly.

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